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MODGEN brand image showroom - 3D Image


Type: Commercial - Lighting Showroom / Lighting Showroom

Location: Taichung City / Taichung

Area: Indoor 1st to 2nd floor pings about 50 pings / Interior 1~2F 1 50m2

            Building exterior 1st to 5th floor renovation / 1~5F Exterior architecture


concept of design

What this case wants to give the customer is a sense of "comfort" from the outside to the inside. In terms of appearance, the steel and translucent plastic panels are "rough" and the light bands are soft and "delicate". The interior is made of cement and rusted iron. The originality and the "exquisiteness" of the brand's lamps and lanterns use the "rough and natural" feeling of the space to set off the "beauty of craftsmanship" of the brand lamps. We believe that lamps are not just a lighting tool, they must have Temperature, when the warm light fills the rough frame, it is a very subtle psychological comfort. What I want to convey is that seemingly contradictory elements are placed in a frame, as long as they can be properly placed and Tidy up, thus forming a harmonious and special atmosphere.

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